Acrolite Bundled Assemblies

Bundle assemblies move light from point to point. They can be a single bundle, have multiple legs or meet specific geometric requirements.

Acrolite works with OEM and industrial customers manufacture custom configurations of bundled assemblies for a wide variety of photonics and fiber optic systems. Our solutions can be found in optical sensing and laser power delivery applications for industrial, medical, military, and research applications.


One input, multiple outputs, light lines, ring lights


Single input, multiple outputs used to distribute high energy laser illumination to multiple points, connecting  cable between a surgical headlight and high power xenon light source. Specialized lighting for dental hand piece. Illumination for batch testing of pharmaceutical.

Bundled Assemblies Solutions Gallery


Ferrules: Standard ferrules ex Olympus, ACMI, Storz Wolf or built to customer spec in brass, stainless steel or aluminum.
Sheathing: PVC or silicone jacket, thin or thick wall. Monocoil, flat wound coil can be supplied in stainless steel, galvanized or aluminum. Outer covering choices – PVC, polyurethane silicone, custom or interlock stainless steel tube (see Monocoil category).
Fiber: Fiber N.A. - .33, .54, .64, .81. 
Fiber Diameter - 30um to 70um or custom
Fiber Length – unlimited
Fiber Bundle Diameter – unlimited
Anti-reflective coatings available
Machine randomized if required
Temperature Requirements: Ambient to 200°C – epoxied end bundle
200C and above – epoxy less fused end bundle

Acrolite Solutions

CHALLENGE: Customer required uniform distribution of a non-uniform source.
High quality machine randomization of fiber bundle.

CHALLENGE: Customer required bundle to withstand 350°C.
Acrolite developed a process to provide an epoxy-fused input.

CHALLENGE: Customer needed a bundle in excess of 30 feet
Acrolite can provide bundles up to 120 feet with minimal broken fibers, with or without sheathing.

CHALLENGE: Customer needed even light distribution at inspection point
Acrolite has developed randomization process that includes hybrid or mechanical options.