Acrolite Custom Fiber Optic

Acrolite, Inc. is a Contract Manufacture of Glass Fiber Optic Lighting and Sensing Components and Assemblies for the Medical Device and Industrial Industries. Since Acrolite's inception, we have focused on our high light transmission Glass Fiber for assemblies as well as the manufacture of Electro-Fiber Optic Monitoring Sensors.

Acrolite's facility contains: glass fiber draw towers, assembly lines, machine shop, R & D assembly line, and Administrative offices. All disciplines are under one roof which provides short turnaround times. Our team of experienced engineers can help you realize your creative ideas and bring them to reality.

Acrolite Products

Acrolite is a manufacturer of custom fiber optic processes and solutions. Our engineering team can help your company develop high-quality assemblies for your product. Explore some of the Acrolite capabilities below.

Custom fiber optic products for OEM applications, and more.

Acrolite Bundled_Assembly_Fiber Optic

Bundled Assemblies

Acrolite bundled assemblies for medical products for OEM applications. Our fiber optic solutions range from single surgical headlight cables, to multi-legged cables for complex lighting, sensing and visual inspection applications.

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Micro Fiber Optics

Acrolite's Micro Fiber Optics division specializes in micro and miniature molded fiber optic and fused fiber optic lighting for applications that include medical industry, military applications, laboratory and research uses as well as visual inspection and lighting applications.

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Acrolite Custom Glass Fiber Optic in Lengths up to 115 feet

Glass Fiber

Acrolite can custom manufacture raw fiber in our proprietary manufacturing process using the highest purity glass available. Raw fiber can be produced in a variety of custom fiber diameters, at custom lengths required for each application. 

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You won't find Acrofusion™ anywhere else in the world, because only Acrolite can produce this revolutionary solution. Acrofusion™ ensures fiber optic solutions deliver up to 20% more light, and less heat than competing fiber optic termination solutions. Only Acrolite has Acrofusion™

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Acrolite Sensor Assemblies

Sensor Assemblies

Acrolite manufactures sensor assemblies for a wide variety of products. Fiber Optic sensors are used in machine sensing and harsh environment applications. Acrolite sensors are highest quality to make sure your application performs consistently.

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Monocoil is a staple in the fiber optic industry for sheathing and finishing fiber optic assemblies and products. Monocoil is a minature flexible metal conduit that it strong, durable and enhances the usability of a fiber optic cable. We can produce monocoil with our without additional protective sheathing.

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